A Lewis Weekend


A custom itinerary, made just for you.

Custom 3 day, 2 night itinerary

1 round of revisions

Hotel & activities booking

100% money back guarantee

Any destination in the U.S.


What People are Saying

Neha's Couple's Weekend in Lenox, MA

Loved my itinerary. The awesome hike on the way home was a great surprise! I'm definitely using Lewis to plan my next trip.

Promeeta's Friend's Weekend in Kingston, NY

A couple of us had been upstate before but Lewis really went above and beyond in recommending unique places for us to try!

Nathaniel's Friends Trip in Joshua Tree, CA

I was getting super overwhelmed with planning Joshua Tree on my own. The itinerary I got from Lewis was perfectly paced and had all the hikes we were interested in. Definitely using them for all my trips going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lewis work?

1. Take our travel quiz
Complete our travel quiz to help us understand what type of trip you want to go on. It takes less than 2 minutes.

2. Get your personalized itinerary
For $20, receive a personalized itinerary. Your weekend itinerary includes activity, food & drink, and hotel recommendations selected just for you.

3. Tell us what you think
Our planning service includes one revision to make sure your trip is perfect for you.

4. Pay for your hotel and any paid activities you like
Pay for the hotel and any paid activities you selected, then we'll do the hard work of booking them for you. Already have a hotel booked? No problem! Just tell us where so we can plan your itinerary accordingly.

5. Just show up!
Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your weekend is all set. Enjoy your trip!

What am I paying for?

Our $20 planning fee includes a custom itinerary + one revision, three handpicked hotel recommendations, and unlimited chat support.

We’ll also book your hotel and any paid activities, which we’ll charge you for before booking. We do not add markups to any of our prices.

What is included in the itinerary?

Our itineraries include lodging for 2 nights and activities and food options for 3 days. Please note that transportation is currently NOT included.

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